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CNC machining carbon fiber composites

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    We also have several materials used for CNC machining besides aluminum, steel, plastic, and urethane. Some examples include: Copper and brass: These materials are good conductors of electricity and are often used in electrical applications. Titanium: This metal is strong, corrosion-resistant, and biocompatible, making it ideal for aerospace, automotive, and medical applications. Magnesium: This material has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is commonly used in parts where strength is desired at the expense of weight. Wood: CNC machines can also be used to carve and shape wood, making it a popular material for artistic and decorative projects. Ceramics: These materials are often used in industrial applications due to their high-temperature resistance and durability. Composites: Materials such as carbon fiber composites are used for their strength and lightweight properties in applications ranging from sports equipment to aerospace. Material Tensile Strength (MPa) Yield Strength (MPa) Elastic Modulus (GPa) Density (g/cm³) Distortion Temperature (°C) Working Temperature (°C) Advantages Applications Copper 220-350 40-220 130-150 8.96 200-250 -200 to 1000 ● High thermal and electrical conductivity ● Corrosion resistance Electrical wiring, plumbing, electronics, roofing, cookware Brass 250-800 100-600 100-120 8.4-8.73 500-600 -200 to 500 ● Good corrosion resistance ● Easily machinable Decorative items, plumbing, electrical components, musical instruments Titanium 830-1100 400-550 116-170 4.5 600-650 -250 to 400 ● High strength-to-weight ratio ● Corrosion resistance Aerospace, military, medical implants, sporting goods, automotive applications Magnesium 120-220 80-170 44-45 1.74-1.85 200-300 -40 to 150 ● Lightweight ● Good damping capacity ● Easily machinable Aerospace, automotive parts, electronics, power tools Zinc 150-380 40-310 96-110 7.13 150-200 -50 to 150 ● Corrosion resistance ● Recyclable Building materials, automotive parts, electrical components Nickel 550-880 170-690 200-210 8.9 300-400 -196 to 1000 ● High strength ● Corrosion resistance Aerospace, marine engineering, chemical processing, power generation Carbon fiber composites 600-1500 500-1200 120-220 1.6-2.0 180-250 -55 to 250 ● High strength-to-weight ratio ● Stiffness ● Fatigue resistance Aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, construction, industrial applications Ceramic 200-4000 20-3000 50-400 2-10 500-1500 up to 2000 ● High temperature resistance ● Hardness ● Wear resistance Cutting tools, bearings, electronic components, medical implants, aerospace applications Wood 25-50 10-20 10-20 0.4-1.2 120-200 up to 100 ● Natural appearance ● Lightweight Furniture, flooring, construction, decorative items
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